Day One

You are going to have to hurry. Today’s the deadline. But maybe, just maybe Andrew Hutton will let you in this time even if your application is a bit late – or if not this time, perhaps next time. Here’s your application: Day One Application.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about you and your participation in the 2nd Cohort for Day One, which has been designed from the ground up…

to guide and support entrepreneurs on their journey to build great businesses — by connecting them into a community of their peers, by guiding them and teaching them in ways that work for entrepreneurs, and by unlocking resources and access to expertise that until now has always been reserved for Silicon Valley insiders.

Day One is different from most of the startup programs that have popped up — it’s designed to do more than help founders prepare to raise venture capital. It’s been built from the beginning to teach and guide the entrepreneurs who build new business — whether that’s a rocketship startup or a calm, steady business. Day One programs support a broad, diverse set of founders.

For those of you who have been giving serious thought to revving your entrepreneurial engines, seeing what you can do to discover your full potential, identify a purpose, a mission, build a team, create a viable business with a real business model, please give this serious thought. (Tonight. Tomorrow. Just as soon as you can.)

I once thought we had enough entrepreneurs in the world, but I was wrong. We badly need more people who are willing to think long and hard about the things the world needs together and give their time, attention, energy and commitment to possibilities that might turn the world’s problems into opportunities.

The two organizations I started in 2015–10.10.10 and X Genesis —challenge entrepreneurs to turn wicked problems into opportunities. We’ve had great success — 75 participating entrepreneurs who have created 20 new ventures to date. But our programs have been designed to support experienced entrepreneurs who plan to create new ventures. Day One supports entrepreneurs by helping them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to create successful new ventures.

Day One — you can learn more about Day One here — is a fellowship of entrepreneurs learning to build and grow together – those brave enough to imagine something new are given the space to collaborate, share and learn with one another…from day one.

The first Day One cohort kicked off this fall with 60+ entrepreneurs, coming from across the globe. They came from top startups, tech and industry companies; Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Uber, Bain & Co., Accenture, CBRE, and Davis Polk. And as they worked through the Day One curriculum, they tapped into advice from 100+ mentors — experienced founders and investors coming from top tier venture studios, funds and startups

And if you know me it won’t surprise you to learn that these entrepreneurs are exploring tough problems and building innovative new solutions in areas like education, health and wellness, the passion economy, financial inclusion, proptech, and many others.

So apply today. Now!



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