Tom Higley

Mar 12, 2017

5 min read

Trump & Ryan Pick Your Pocket. But . . .You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.

You voted for Trump? Because, well, he’s your guy, right?

Dirty little secret. Trump doesn’t care about you. Never has. Never will. Don’t believe me? Please believe me. If you don’t believe me now, things are only going to get much worse for you later. And later is tomorrow. No, later is this afternoon.

You are about to be fleeced. Big time. When it comes to your health and your economic future, he could have defended you against Paul Ryan and the Koch Brothers. He could have done the work to make the “great progress” he boasts of, the work to create and deliver his own “beautiful plan” that would offer you access to real care at affordable rates. That would have been a hard thing to do. (“Who knew healthcare could be so complicated?” Right.) But he didn’t do that work. He didn’t even try. Neither did his administration.

Nope. They decided to a Paul Ryan plan that supports the elite — no, not the intellectual elite — the very wealthy elite. You know who I’m talking about. Wait. No. You don’t. These are the folks you never see. They don’t live in your neighborhood. Their kids don’t go to the same schools as your kids. They don’t eat in the same places you eat. They don’t shop in the same stores. (Hell, they may not even put their pants on one leg at a time; you don’t know that either because they don’t go to your gym — those of you who can still afford to go to a gym; and you’re not dating or married to them either, because, well . . . you know.) You do know who I’m talking about, but you don’t know them, and they don’t know you. Trump doesn’t care about you. (Some of the people I’ve been talking about might. Warren Buffett might. Bill Gates might. But the Koch brothers? Not so much. Not at all.)

But the Koch’s need your help. They need to get this bill passed, and it was going nowhere without the President’s support. It was just plain doomed. Why? Because it offers you no benefit whatsoever. None. The only way they could get this through Congress was if Donald Trump, that champion of your welfare, were willing to support it. And that was going to be a pretty tough sell, because he had promised he was in your corner. Turns out that part was wrong. He’s not in your corner. (Now, I’ve know that from the beginning, but you may just now be discovering it. Which truly sucks.)

To be fair, though, and give credit where credit is due (and even where it is not) the Koch’s represent businesses and a group of people in this country that have been discriminated against for a long time, a group that has been seriously struggling to make ends meet. And they badly needed an even bigger tax break. It would be expensive.

So what, you say? Well, someone has to pay. The Koch brothers and Paul Ryan picked you to pay. (Probably because they think you can afford it better than they can.) These super wealthy people and corporations are working hard to make America great . . . believe me. And, after all, what have you done? Not that much, really. How much did you contribute to Ryan’s campaign. Whatever that amount was, I can assure you, it was not enough. So you’re just going to have to pony up, and because you have maybe 1% of their net worth (maybe), it might be a little bit more painful for you. But it’s OK. Because well Donald Trump, he’s your guy. Oh, that was before the Koch’s and Ryan came along. He was your guy. Or he pretended to be your guy.

Here’s a telltale clue about what’s happening here. Why do you think there was no Congressional Budget Office report for this bill? You know that pretty much every bill introduced is accompanied by a CBO report? You didn’t know? Now you do. From Vox:

. . . the CBO has long been understood on Capitol Hill as the gold standard for evaluating the impact of congressional legislation. If Republicans ignore or attack the CBO’s projections — as many are already signaling they will — then it suggests they’ll be quick to dismiss an analysis that Paul Ryan’s bill will deprive millions of their insurance.

By contrast, if Republicans recognize the CBO’s numbers as valid, then a negative score from the agency could stop their march toward a health care overhaul.

And this, from New York Magazine: “Republicans are terrified that CBO’s numbers will paint a disastrous picture of the American Health Care Act’s impact.”

But here’s the thing: THEY (the GOP, Ryan, Trump) don’t really care about how this impacts you. The only impact they really cared about is already baked into the bill — relief for the people and corporations who already have more than you or your children will ever see. Without the CBO estimate, you they can’t see how bad things will look for you (but then, they don’t really care about that). You might care. You might care if the cost of insurance and the cost of health care rises to the point that you can’t possibly afford it. You might care if you lose your job and can no longer afford insurance. You might care if you are diagnosed with something tomorrow and discover you haven’t the financial ability to make payments on your insurance or cover the cost of your care.

Make no mistake, you, the Trump voter and supporter, are about to be fleeced. This is going to hurt. And it’s not like some shot in the arm. It’s not just going to hurt for a minute. Some of you will be utterly devastated physically and financially by the consequences.

They are going to need all the support they can get, and you’re going to give it to them. No, scratch that, they are going to take it from you. Dollar by dollar. Benefit by benefit. You had health insurance and healthcare under the ACA. You thought that was expensive? Cue Bachman Turner Overdrive: B-b-b-baby “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.”

[On a related note, I’m thinking strongly about resurrecting the “Golden Fleece Award” that Senator William Proxmire once used as a tool to call attention the the fleecing of unsuspecting taxpayers. You know, hammers and toilet seats for which your government paid a small fortune. I may even rename the Golden Fleece Award the “Trump Golden Fleece Award” — I hear he likes seeing his name on really big things. And the fleecing over the next 4 years is going to be really big. Believe me. Really big.]

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